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creating new fun to the world

Since our establishment in 1969, we have been closely involved with the global gaming business. For us, fun has four elements. These are the player’s experiences of anticipation, supremacy, usability, and novelty. As these elements are always changing along with users’ needs, we are constantly analyzing the market by utilizing information collected from our various locations around the world, asking what it is that our users want, seeking to understand global market trends, and reflecting our findings in our products. In an increasingly globalized industry, our determination to bring innovation fun is what has continued to drive our growth. The desire to always seek out new things and offer something more than what’s already available is the very foundation of our business. Through a combination of technology and imagination, we will continue to create and share with the world a variety of entertainment media, delivering surprise, excitement, and fun. Our mission is to contribute to society by using fun to bring smiles to people’s faces. Additionally, as a global entertainment business, we believe it is important to manage our company in a way that ensures our staff can take pride and satisfaction in their work delivering fun to the world. With these goals in mind, as a creator of the entertainment of the future and a company that finds the fun in the world, Aruze Gaming will continue to contribute to society by producing the unique value that only we can offer.

臼杵 良直